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tv   The Early Show  CBS  March 4, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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lots of sunshine today. >> very pretty. >> and a great way to start the weekend, everyone. >> enjoy the weekend. good morning. the job front. the labor department delivers good news. 192,000 jobs created in february. the most in nearly a year, and the unemployment level dips. is this a glimmer of hope for the millions of americans still looking for work? we have the latest numbers. we will also tell you who is hiring and where. tough talk. as the violence continues to escalate between rebel forces and gadhafi's military, president obama sends a clear message. >> the violence must stop. moammar gadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave. >> we are live in libya on the latest on the growing civil war. benched.
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brigham young university suspends a top player on its powerful basketball team to breaking the school's code. he had premarital sex with his girlfriend. today is friday, march 4th, girlfriend. today is friday, march 4th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good friday morning. we hope it's beautiful where you are where you're waking up. >> good morning. i'm chris wragge. >> more things are looking good this morning. important news on the job front. latest unemployment report is out this morning. that news is very good. the jobless rate is down. job growth is up. what does this all mean some here to break it down is cbs news business and economic correspondent rebecca jarvis. nice for you to have positive
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news for once on this front. >> finally. we have confirmation things are moving in the right direction. economists hope the report marks a real turning point in our recovery. more americans are returning to work. fewer are losing their jobs and, finally, the momentum is moving in the right direction. >> reporter: the u.s. economy has been growing for six straight quarters and now, finally, we could be at a turning point for jobs. today, the labor department reported that the economy added 192,000 new jobs in february. the unemployment rate fell for the third consecutive month from 9% to 8.9%. encouraging news that will, hopefully, bolster employer confidence in hiring. >> all of the job creation jobs are aligned to start having a decent pickup in job creation. >> reporter: in february, service sector hiring which makes up 90% of all jobs hit its best level since april of 2006. last week, number of americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits dropped by 20,000 to 368,000.
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the lowest level in nearly three years. . >> we have gone from jobless recovery to a recovery that is finally creating at least enough jobs to soak up some of the unemployed. >> reporter: soaking up all of the 8 million americans who lost their jobs to the recession isn't going to happen overnight. a sentiment federal reserve chair ben bernanke oechoed earlier this week. >> we need to look five to ten years how we will get back on a sustainable path. >> reporter: to make a real dent in unemployment we need to see a gain of 300,000 jobs a month or more. the only way we will see unemployment dropped to a more normalized 5% to 6% in a couple of years. we have a ways to go here. >> there is a bright spot. give us an idea where across the country are we seeing some of this growth? >> what is interesting to see is the places with the highest unemployment which tends to be on the two coasts are the places
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where we see the most job prospects. you have california, new york. these are some of the places where you see the most jobs being listed right now and the most jobs being offered right now. >> what kind of jobs are those that are being listed? >> these are all different types of jobs. some of them are manufacturing, manufacturing has been an area of major strength. health care. this is an area you and i talk about frequently, erica, there is hiring and the statistics are in favor of it. also the service and professional area, an area like professional jobs and require more education and training. they are available. temp work is a huge area of growth. 27% of all the jobs we have seen created since the recovery began are temporary jobs. they are a great way to go in terms of getting a real full-time job down the road. >> it can be a great foot in the door for you. >> exactly. almost an application process becauser getting to know a company and they are getting to know you. >> rebecca jarvis, thanks for the good news this morning. we appreciate the positivity.
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now to the latest from libya. gadhafi forces are attacking a oil center for a third straight day and opponents are causing for new gemdemonstrations in th capitol. mandy clark is here with the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning. we're at a checkpoint close to rasnaluf and hearing government forces are fighting rebels there at that town which is another important oil shipping terminal along this contested coastal road. this morning, government war planes were back in the sky around the area around a vital oil shipping terminal. but they missed the ammunition dump. the town of brega back in the hands of the rebels has seen some of the fearest fighting in libya's uprising. gadhafi a dictator defended yesterday's air strike saying it was intended to scare off the
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rebels, not to kill them. we went to the scene of the bombing with militia commander abdul rapman. three huge craters. a short distance from the rebel checkpoint at the entrance of the oil terminal. >> this refinery is more important than any other place. >> reporter: abdul rakman just signed up for the fight and got all of 15 minutes training with his new gun. but he is clear about what he wants. >> we need a democratic and liberal libya. >> reporter: to get there, he and his men know they may have to head down the road to tripoli. and in washington, president obama has also drawn his line in the sand. >> going forward, we will continue to send a clear message. the violence must stop. moammar gadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave. >> reporter: the former justice minister who is a lead rebel
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trying to form an interim government says they will fight till the end. chris? >> cbs' mandy clark, thank you. here is erica. when president obama met with mexican president calderon at the white house on thursday they discussed the flow of drug drugs and guns across the border. three weeks ago, this officer was shot. calderon complains washington has not done enough to keep the weapons out of his country. >> we have seen a significant increase in the number of weapons that have been confiscated. we have put more and more people behind bars for the transfer of weapons across the border into mexico. >> but, now, one of the men on the front lines of that effort says the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms intentionally allowed guns to be smuggled across the border into
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mexico. cbs news investigative correspondent sharyl attkisson joins us this morning from washington. it sounds beyond contradictory. >> reporter: it really is. you have to wonder when president obama speaks about more weapons confiscated, is it because atf left more weapons on the street in the first place? atf special agent john doddson risked his job to talk to us publicly about the tactic he says atf is using. letting guns walk mean atf watched and encouraged the sale of assault weapons and other weapons to criminals and left them on the street. the idea to see where they end up and take down a whole cartel. doddson objected saying you never let guns walk because they may be used it hurt and kill people along the way. atf and the justice department have denied that this ever happened when speak spoke to them. now let's hear a little bit of doddson's interview. >> i'm boots on the ground in
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phoenix and telling you we have been doing it every day i've been here. tell me it didn't happen. tell me i didn't do the things you told me to do. tell me i didn't see the things that i saw, all right? tell me we weren't doing it. >> reporter: did you feel that aft was partly to blame for the escalating violence in mexico and on the border? >> yes, ma'am. i even asked them if they could see the correlation between the two. the more that our guys buy, the more violence we're having down there, do you think it's contributing factor. >> reporter: what was the answer? what did they say? >> fur inc. to make an omelet, you have to scramble some eggs. >> reporter: on december 14th, 2010, border patrol agent terry was gunned down in arizona and two of those weapons that atf alleged let walk a year before before stopping them showed up at that murder scene. now senator grassley is investigating and as we mentioned, the department of justice and atf won't agree to
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interviews with us but told senator grassley none of it ever happened. >> they say it never happened. from what you just accounted for, some of those guns are still out there. did this ever actually work in helping take down a cartel? >> reporter: the end game they were hoping was, as we mentioned, taking down a whole cartel, no. the agents told us that never happened. in the end, they simply got some of the gun runners they could have arrested along the way, we're told. >> eye-opening. >> now to jeff glor at the news desk and check the other headlines making news this morning. jeff? we beagain here with a budget battle in wisconsin where the state capitol empty for the first time in 17 days. the last protesters left late last night after a judge ordered the building closed during nonbusiness hours. some did remain outside. governor scott walker's fight with senate democrats and unionized work he's goes on. he says unless the democrats return to vote on his budget plan layoff notices effective
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next month will go out today. >> beginning the first week of april, 1,500 state employees will have to be laid off for the equivalent of $30 million worth of savings. >> reporter: all 14 democratic senators left wisconsin to deny the republicans a quorum to pass walker's budget. prosecutors say the gunman who killed two u.s. airmen in germany was a radical muslim but not part of a terror network. the shooting happened at the frankfurt airport on wednesday. investigators say more people might have died if the suspect's gun hadn't jammed. the u.s. is asking iran to help return ex-fbi agent robert levinson to his family. he vanished four years ago while doing detective work on the iranian island of kish. iran says they know nothing about his disappearance but levinson's family has proof he is alive and hillary clinton there are indications he is southwest asia. levinson's wife said, quote.
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unless something dramatic happens, nfl players are looking at a lockout at midnight tonight. players and owners agreed to a one-day negotiating extension yesterday. that ends tonight. players and owners have made some progress, but still have major -- it could be the first work stoppage for football since 1987. potentially disrupting the 2011 season. now back over to chris. >> jeff, thank you. the latest on john edwards. for nearly two years, a grand jury has been looking at evidence he may have violated campaign finance laws. now the former democratic presidential hopeful has hired a political heavy-hitter to fight off possible charges. cbs news chief legal correspondent jan crawford is in washington with that story. good. >> reporter: good morning, chris. we are picking up a lot of intel this morning ma the grand jury is almost finished with that investigation and including edwards' decision to beef up his legal team. former senator john edwards has now enlisted a heavyweight in the legal battle over whether he
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improperly used campaign funds to hide his miss res hunters. a federal grand jury is wrapping up its investigation. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that while the hiring of craig had just recently become public he was actually brought on six weeks ago. craig left his post as president obama's council in january 2010. he was also one of president clinton's lawyers during the monica lewinsky scandal. experts say bringing him on the case is a sign edwards is worried about where this investigation is heading. >> that's one of the reasons that mr. craig has been brought in to assist in that effort to avoid indictment on the front end. >> reporter: edwards began his affair with hunter during his presidential run in the 2008 campaign and the two had a child together. >> the campaign goes on. >> reporter: two years later,
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edwards' marriage to wife elizabeth crumbled. she died in december after a lengthy battle with breast cancer. >> it's his fall from grace was so swift and so complete there is absolutely no way that he can rehabilitate his image enough to be back involved in politics. >> reporter: but a tarnished image could be the least of edwards' problems. if he is indicted he could face a federal prison sentence. but sources close to the case say an indictment is not eminent at the moment. in fact, they say the justice department is now reviewing whether the allegations against edwards even if they were true would violate any laws. chris? >> jan, you're a lawyer. reading the tea leaves here, what do you make of mr. craig taking on this case? >> chris, i have seen greg craig in a lot of different cases over the years. they all have one thing in common -- he takes clients he believes in and cases he thinks he can win. he is very cautious and savvy. he just is not someone who is going to fight one of these uphill battles. so i would say, i mean, that is
7:15 am
a pretty good sign for john edwards. >> he also takes on the elitist of the elite. besides president, let's talk about the legal strat sphere with which this man operates. >> reporter: this could be one of greg craig' low profile cases. he got his start working for a legendary lawyer here in washington nicknamed the man to see. in some ways that is what greg craig has become, too. he represented gonzalez getting that boy back to cuba and john hinckley's defense and involved in the high profile defense of goldman sachs. a pretty heavy-hitter to say the least. >> if you're in trouble this is the guy you try to retain. jan, thank you. >> thanks. here is marysol castro with our first check of the weather on the morning. >> good morning, everyone. let's take a look at what you can expect for your first weekend in march. some light showers along the pacific northwest. light snow showers in the rockies. big swath of severe weather in the central plains.
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and it's pretty quiet on the eastern seaboard for now. tonight into tomorrow, we have the perfect setup for a lot of precipitation. cold dry air to the north and moist warm air to the south and they will converge and bring a lot of rain tomorrow into sunday. for just about all of the eastern seaboard. then we look at this monster. the severe weather. by the way, since last thursday, there have been 700 reports of severe weather. early for this time of year. you can see little rock in springfield you'll get the bulk of hail and a lot of rain but from norms to about the great lakes going to see rain througho
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thanks so much. that's your latest weather. >> good morning. wet weekend but we can think of it as spring showers? >> absolutely. get ready for cherry blossoms. >> i'm in. >> thanks. still head on "the early show" college basketball's star has bounced off a top five team for breaking the school's honor code for having premarital sex? is this fair? we will ask the school's athletic director. we all pay a high price because too many drivers on the road are simply tired and you may be one of them. the latest on a new government study about americans and sleep. the numbers are down right scary. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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are crying foul after a star player is suspended for having sex with his girlfriend. you're asking, what? davies played for brigham young university which has strict rules for student behavior. you sign an honor code before you get to the school. these are rules you have to adhere to. >> that's right. you know what you're getting into. compared to other schools where some athletes have been known to break the law and are still playing, some are asking whether byu is asking too much. we'll ask two school officials when we come back. they'll join us here live on "the early show" when we continue. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by hershey's. your favorites, now in pieces. your favorites, in pieces.
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my blistex? complete moisture. a rush of moisture lips can feel. and it feels great. discover bliss. discover blistex. just ahead this morning an eye-opening study on sleeplessness. up to 70 million americans have chronic sleep loss and millions of people are now admitting to
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falling asleep behind the wheel. 1 in 20 say they've done it. >> very dangerous trend. we're going to hear more from that study in our next half the san jose firefighters' union 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. the san jose firefighters union has reached a tentative deal to accept a 10% cut in pay and benefits. to help ease the city's budget deficit. in exchange, the city will not lay off any firefighters, for two years. the union members still need to vote on the deal. protesters say uc berkeley officials have promised to hold a town hall meeting with them to talk about school budget cuts. eight protesters spent seven hours chained together on a four floor ledge at wheeler hall before getting the promise. they were cited and allowed to leave last night. and there is only one big piece to put on top of the new suspension tower for the bay bridge. that's going to happen about a month from now. the tower reached 480 feet early this morning. and four sections were added to the tower this week and the work was completed faster than
7:26 am
expected despite weather problems on tuesday. and stay with us. we will take a look at traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. ,,,,,, california should be proud. we were the first to ban smoking on airplanes. the first to have smoke-free bars and restaurants. all while saving over $86 billion in health care costs...
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and over a million lives. we've done a good job. but even if you were born today, you'd still grow up in a world where tobacco kills more people... than aids, drugs, alcohol, murder and car crashes... combined. we have a lot more work to do. [ female announcer ] flaky and flavorful. served with your choice of side dish for only $11.99. and our endless salad bar for just $2.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday. good morning, from the traffic center, we are getting first reports of a pretty serious accident on the san mateo bridge. looking live at the san mateo bridge westbound near the toll plaza and an overturned truck
7:28 am
reported with injuries. chp is headed out to the scene. and so far, we're not seeing any delays yet but we will keep our eye on that area as we get more information. still slow and go on northbound 101 out of san jose. really backed up with a broken down big rig on the right shoulder. that is causing all of the delays. so give yourself some time there. and slow and go northbound 280 to san jose. that is traffic. here is lawrence with the forecast. >> we have sunshine coming our way. a little chilly headed out the door. 30s and 40s now but by the afternoon, looking good. and sunshine at the beaches and by the afternoon, the temperatures are almost spring- like and a lot of 60s showing up out there and the upper 60s in some of the warmest parts of the bay area and cooler coast- side but not bad. and toward the week though, things change again and the storm clouds will gather, at least there is a chance that we could see some showers north of the golden gate bridge late in the day on saturday. and overnight saturday night into sunday, i think a better chance for the rest of the bay area, showers likely continuing into monday. dry next tuesday and wednesday. ,,,,,,,, welcome back to "the early
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show" here on a friday morning. half past the hour. i feel a good mood. sweeping across the nation right now. >> i'm with you. a little cold play at the half hour as we welcome you back with music. not a bad way to add to that. >> not at all. did you get enough sleep last night? if you're having a hard time getting out of bed right now the chance is the answer is no. according to a new report from the government, you need more sleep than you're actually getting. >> you to. you're probably not alone in not getting enough sleep. the recommended is seven to nine
7:31 am
hours a night. 38% say they fall asleep once during the day. and all of that fatigue has very real consequences. one of them which we're highlighting this morning is the dangers on the road. more than 1,500 deaths a year are blamed on sleepy drivers and the focus of a new study. we will bring the story in a few minutes. may may you think twice about getting to bed early. >> but, first, here is jeff glor. >> good morning. fears new fighting reported today in libya. anti-gadhafi rebels are trying to take oil installations in the eastern part of the country. also today a libyan air force jet fired missiles near a rebel-held military base. the government jobs report is out. showing 192,000 jobs created last
7:32 am
7:33 am
many colleges have honor codes that say if you lie, cheat, or steal, you're out. but this week's suspension of a basketball star brigham young university is sparking a debate over the rules of that mormon school go too far. ben tracy has the story. >> reporter: byu was tearing up the court. the third best team in college basketball. but this week, they got trounced. unranked new mexico beat them by 18 points. >> oh, what a catch by mcdonald! >> reporter: the cougars were missing one of their biggest stars, 6'9" forward brandon davies. >> i don't think everything is lost but i think like guys will definitely have to step um a little bit. >> reporter: the 19-year-old was suspended for the rest of the season after he reportedly admitted to having sex with his girlfriend. premarital sex is a violation of
7:34 am
the mormon school's strict honor code. >> what you do is you move on. i mean, this is life. you always expecting a fastball and sometimes you get a curve. you got to figure out how to hit it. >> reporter: byu's team was expected to make a strong run in the ncaa tournament later this month. now both players and students are stunned. >> i was really excited for this, but i think we still have a really good shot at making some noise in the tournament. >> reporter: the school says it knows most people won't understand its code. that also forbids students from drinking coffee and tea and growing beards. byu says it won't make exceptions for athletes. that is unlike ohio state where five football players were suspended for selling their uniforms and championship rings, yet, still allowed to play this year. >> if you're going to set that honor code up and you insist students follow it, that they should enforce it and that is what they have done here. >> reporter: now the cougars are facing an entirely different game, because of one their best players most personal foul. ben tracy, cbs news, los
7:35 am
angeles. >> joining us now from brigham young's campus in provo, utah are tom homo and carri jenkins. we know this has generated a whole lot of controversy for you the last couple of days. how did this all unfold? did brandon actually come out and commit to this? was he turned in by someone? how did you find out? >> it was brought to my attention by our university and, at that time, i had an opportunity to sit down with brandon and discuss the situation he was in, express my love to him and tried to wrap him up in my arms and say, let's go forward with this and get you back on track. >> but when you say you found out through the university, was the head coach who came to you, an anonymous e-mail, phone call? >> well, i had first heard through the head coach and then it came through the honor code, yes. >> this decision had to have been very difficult like we mentioned in the piece a second ago, you have a top five
7:36 am
basketball team, all of this nationwide attention right now. potential national championship. was it difficult for you and the school to suspend him like this? >> it was a difficult situation, but the consequences for similar violations of the honor code have occurred and we felt we did what was right. so very difficult thing to do, but the decision was right. >> and just to be clear, all of these student athletes and all of your students, they have the honor code presented to them before they enroll. they have to read it and then sign it, agree to it. i want to kind of get that out there so it's not like mr. davies didn't know the rules at brigham young university. do you think at any point he deserves a second chance? i know honesty is also a part of your honor code. he didn't lie about it. he didn't deny it. and he was quick to cop to it once you presented this to him. >> that is correct. brandon was very forthright in his discussion about the incident and we feel that he has
7:37 am
a second chance. we are doing all that we can to keep him in the fold and to make sure that he has access to the team and that he'll be able to come and achieve the dreams that he had before and he's excited to see the future and take care of business to be able to do the things necessary to get back in full team -- team work. >> i guess i sense from what you're saying there is a possibility, i think a lot of your basketball fans are probably wondering does this mean he is going to play again this season? is there a possibility he may come back this season or has that been off the table? >> no. part of the discipline was that he won't be able to represent the team this season. we're working on doing everything that we can to get him back on track for the future. >> carri, in listening to your athletic director there is sounds like you're making every effort to keep him in the school and the fold but talk he could be expelled from school altogether. where does that stand right now? is that something you're going
7:38 am
to push on the academicic side? there is a review taking place and with any student, our intent is for to have them graduate from the university and so we're certainly working with him. >> one last quick question. if he does elect to transfer, would you help facilitate that desire? would you speak highly of him if he chose i want to play somewhere else? >> yes. brandon davies is a good kid who is a great part of our team who has brought a lot of success to our team this year. as he goes forward with his life, he has decisions to make. we're doing everything we can. he wants to be part of his family, his support system in his life is teammates, his mother, his coaches, and we feel that this is the best place for him and we want to make sure that we do everything we can to keep him part of our byu family. >> thank you both very much for
7:39 am
joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> up next here on "the early show," up to 70 million americans don't get enough sleep and we will tell you what that means for our health and our safety. this is "the early show" on cbs. it's 2011. wonder where the durango's been for the last two years? well, it toured around europe, getting handling and steering lessons on those sporty european roads. it went back to school, got an advanced degree in technology. it's been working out -- more muscle and less fat. it's only been two years, but it's done more in two years than most cars do in a lifetime. your advertising mail campaign is paying off! business is good! it must be if you're doing all that overnight shipping. that must cost a fortune. it sure does. well, if it doesn't have to get there overnight, you can save a lot with priority mail flat rate envelopes. one flat rate to any state, just $4.95. that's cool and all... but it ain't my money. i seriously do not care...
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next week is national sleep awareness week. if you're feeling a little drowsy, pay extra attention to this report. estimated 50 million to 70 million adults suffer from sleeping loss and sleeping disorders. that takes a toll it turns on out out on every american. susan mcginnis hat report. >> reporter: answer people if they get enough sleep and usually the answer is nope. now a study has eye-opening numbers to back up that claim by the cdc. more than one third of respondents said they get fewer than seven hours of shut yi a night. 4 out of 10 people say they doze off at least once during the day. >> if you don't get enough sleep, you get stupid! your memory is deficient. and, also, your thinking gets
7:43 am
cloud. >> reporter: it turns out some are nodding off at the worst possible time. nearly 5% admitted to falling asleep while driving. a scary statistic for anyone traveling on the road. drowsy driving causes an estimated 1,500 deaths a year and 40,000 injuries. >> people who work in this field have equated driving sleepy with driving drunk, because the consequences are the same. >> reporter: problems with a lack of sleep don't end there. other complications include obesity, diabetes, hypertension, difficulty concentrating and memory lapses. if there is one thing this study wants us to know, 7 to 9 hours of sleep is not a luxury, it's a necessity. susan mcginncginnis, cbs news. >> ahead, a minnesota man
7:44 am
collapses but you won't believe how long he actually managed to survive without a pulse. some are calling this miraculous. we will hear from him and the neighbors that came to the rescue to help save his life. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] all you need for sensitive skin. all you expect
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7:47 am
so what does it take to save a man's life? in one small minnesota town it took more than an hour and a half of cpr and some remarkable neighbors who just wouldn't give up. cbs news correspondent betty nguyen has their story. >> reporter: at the only gas station here in minnesota, brothers al and roy know almost everything about how to fix your car. >> 911, what's the emergency? >> we're at don's foods and dan just fell. >> reporter: it's their 30 years as volunteer firefighters and first responders that taught them how to work on a stranger's heart. >> i guess if you stay at it long enough for all the rescuers that do this every day, some day you're going to get lucky. >> reporter: the lucky one was
7:48 am
out-of-work chef howard smitser who collapsed on the sidewalk right across the street. >> i had a massive heart attack. >> reporter: al started applying cpr within seconds and in 15 minutes the number of first responders and paramedics from two local towns had grown to 20. mayo clinic's chopper was in the air but flight nurse knew the odds were against them. >> he was basically dead. he had no pulse. he was not breathing. no heartbeat. he had no signs of life. >> reporter: under the best of circumstances, only 25% to 30% of cardiac arrest victims survive. and about half of them will likely have some degree of brain damage. 11 electric shocks, injections of drugs to get his heart beating again. nothing worked. it was time to pull the plug. and yet something told them to keep pumping. howard's heart had stopped beating for what is an eternity in matters of the heart, 96 minutes. but suddenly, you could say howard's life, and the lives of
7:49 am
more than 20 others, changed in a heartbeat. >> i'm a chef, and i will be fattening those guys up until they beg for mercy. >> reporter: the man they had all but given up for dead was now alive. >> i just pray that i can find a way to honor what you all did for me with at least leading a decent life, you know. i mean, a healthy life. >> reporter: betty nguyen, cbs news, new york. >> fortunate to have some very good neighbors. >> understatement. >> spoke to the doctors, you say why would you keep working on someone for so long? they say, you just never know. you just never, ever know. >> exhibit "a," you just never know. great story. >> we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs.longs to the d those of us who know grass doesn't turn green just because the calendar says to. and that a big difference can grow from a small budget. for those of us with grass on our sneakers... dirt on our jeans... and a lawn that's as healthy as our savings... the days are about to get a whole lot greener.
7:50 am
♪ more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of crowd control on those weeds with this ryobi trimmer, just 89 bucks. we're lowering the cost of crowd control on those weeds everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. what's next? a beauty movement to help all of us rock the covergirls we are. get involved at the next generation of easy breezy beautiful -- is you. covergirl. rockin it for 50 years.
7:51 am
7:52 am
when we come back, a facebook story. we've talked about what a great
7:53 am
social network it is. well two friends actually worried about the well-being of one of their very good friends from high school, using facebook to play investigators. we're going to talk about that story when we come back. your local news is next. [ male announcer ] it's 2011. wonder where the durango's been for the last two years? well, it toured around europe, getting handling and steering lessons on those sporty european roads. it went back to school, got an advanced degree in technology. it's been working out -- more muscle and less fat. it's only been two years,
7:54 am
but it's done more in two years than most cars do in a lifetime.
7:55 am
good morning, everybody. it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm frank mallicoat. protesters say uc berkeley officials are planning a town hall meeting with them to discuss budget cuts. eight protesters spent seven hours chained together on the fourth floor ledge of the campus building before getting that promise last night. and the san jose firefighters union has reached a tent tive deal to accept a 10% cut in pay and benefits to help ease the city's budget deficit. in exchange, the city will not lay off any firefighters for two years. the rank and file still needs to vote on the deal. several cities in san mateo county are forming a partnership hoping by joining forces their concerns will carry samantha mohr weight to the high speed rail authorities and cities are demanding rail
7:56 am
trails or trenches in their boundaries saying the above ground will have negative effects of city, noise and aesthetics and the city representatives plan to meet tonight in burlingame. the traffic and weather on this friday, just hang in there, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. i'm in the traffic center with two developing traffic situations. video we took moments ago from chopper 5 of an overturned
7:58 am
brinks truck on the westbound side of the san mateo bridge, just as you pass the toll plaza and blocking the middle lanes and injuries reported and you can see the fire crews and the chp are on the scene. no word yet on when they're going to have the truck uprighted and cleared off the bridge but you can expect delays as you work your way through there and we will keep you updated on that. chopper 5, with live pictures right now, this is 101 in san jose. and we've been monitoring this since before 6:00, there is a stalled big rig off to the side and it is carrying an oversized load. it is a satellite. and they've got lots of vehicles there. they can't get it through the interchange. traffic is really backed up. we will continue to keep those stories updated for you. right now, here is lawrence with the forecast. looking good. cool to start. but boy, what a day i quee have -- what a day we have ahead. looking good folks. as we are going to see plenty of sunshine and the temperatures by the afternoon, very nice outside. a lot of 60s showing up. 67 fremont 66 in the area.
7:59 am
the rain returns at the end of the week. ,,,, 3q lysol believes that kids shouldn't miss school days during cold and flu season. that's why we started a mission for health. by going beyond clean surfaces to healthy surfaces. by making a healthy way to wash hands. and even by working with a pediatrician to develop lysol healthy habits initiatives in schools. when you use lysol, you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit
8:00 am
welcome back welcome back to "the early show". top of the hour here on a friday. i'm erica hill along with chris wragge. >> we're going to meet a couple of remarkable women. they reconnected with old high school friends on facebook where they kept in touch every day. then they saw the most outgoing one had suddenly stopped sending messages. they inquired, and they began probing their friend's disappearance themselves, but they're going to tell us what they found in a couple of minutes. >> it's quite a story, and a testament to friendship as well. jeff glor is standing by with the headlines. protesters are demanding the
8:01 am
ouster of muammar qadhafi. harry smith is in tripoli this morning, and, harry, i know last week when these protesters were fired on. >> yeah, it was very interesting this morning. the green square a week ago where there was bloodshed, and this morning a huge pro-qadhafi crowd. first it was 30 to 40. then maybe to 100 to 200. the worshippers as they were coming out of the mosque, they kept chanting the stuff we've been hearing all week. pro-qadhafi chants over and over again. as the worshippers tried to peel off to the side, suddenly a group of worshippers from inside started to chant "freedom, freedom." then the pro-qadhafi protesters started to clash with the worshippers, and literally shoved them back into the mosque. it was only then that the police who were standing by fired off a couple of rounds into the air,
8:02 am
and it seemed to quell things a little bit, but it did get heated, this and there was a few uncomfortable moments to say the least. apparently it's been repeated at some other mosques around town. >> all right. harry smith inside tripoli this morning. harry, thank you. the wisconsin state capitol was free of protesters overnight for the first time in 17 days. protesters moved outside last night after a judge ordered the building closed during nonoffice hours. today the governor is threatening to send layoff notices to 1, 500 estate workers. in california deep college budget cuts sparked protesting in berkeley. students gathered at a building where protest leaders occupied a high ledge. they later came down voluntarily. california's proposed budget for the fiscal year cuts half a million dollars for the state university system. belated numbers on the economy are out this morning. the labor department reports strong growth with the economy heading 192,000 jobs in february. the unemployment rate dropped
8:03 am
8.9%. the lowest since april of 2009. higher fuel prices keep driving airfares up. yesterday delta increased ticket prices by $20 for some domestic flights. american bumped up fares $10 on all trips. that was quickly matched by united, continental, and u.s. airways. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is knocking natalie portman for out of wed log pregnancy. she thanked herç fiance for giving her my most important role in my life, motherhood. huckabee then spoke out on radio. >> it's unfortunate that we glor nigh and glamourize the idea of out of p children wed lock. huckabee is considering a run for the gop presidential nomination in
8:04 am
8:05 am
thanks. that's your latest weather. now here's erica with her experiment. >> i'm taking you running soon. up next, we are two weeks into the erica hill experiment. we're going to show you the hits and the misses and we'll check in with the experts and find out about my progress to become as healthy as the government says we all should be. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. i'm exhausted just looking at it. when you're a stunt woman, work can be pretty unpredictable. from knowing when my next job will be to what i'll actually be doing. so in the rest of my life i like control. especially in my finances. that's why i have slate with blueprint. i can make a plan to pay off everyday things and avoid interest, or pay down my balance faster on the big stuff. that saves money. with slate from chase, i have everything under control... ♪
8:06 am
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plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number? just need to refill my walgreens prescription. [ shouting in native language ] i don't know what he's saying right now. he says you're gonna get frostbite in under 30 seconds. won't take me that long. honey, is this really necessary? it'll bug me if i wait. [ female announcer ] walgreens free mobile app. refill by scan. receive a text when it's ready. we're good. wanna call anyone or anything? your mom? a little more altitude... a little less attitude. [ female announcer ] download the free walgreens mobile app to shop, print photos and manage prescriptions anywhere. walgreens. there's a way to keep life moving. in this in this morning's health watch, it is week two of the erica hill experiment. many of you are taking along with me. this is a six-week test. it is really possible to follow all the health advice we get from experts here on the early
8:09 am
show and elsewhere. as you'll see, it's often easier said than done. >> i began the experiment to see if one working mom could really follow all the recommended daily doses for healthy living. from conquering the food pyramid to getting 30 minutes of exercise to sleeping eight hours a night. to keep me on track we listed a sleep expert. >> check your liver, kidney function. >> cbs news medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton, psychologist dr. amanda bateman and -- ♪ >> i'm excited going into week two. i feel motivated. i feel like i have goals in front of me and things i want to achieve. >> but it didn't take long for my schedule to get in the way. >> wednesday i had planned for a long time to go to mary poppins with my mom and my son, and i think that's important to make time for me. >> instead of hitting the gym, i hit the theater with my mom and
8:10 am
my son. to watch his face and to experience it through his eyes and all the other kids that was worth missing any workout and any bit of sleep that i think i could have gotten. to have that moment. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. >> you only got two this week. >> to make up for it sydney pushed me even harder on the days we did meet. >> she's actually getting a lot better. her leg power is very strong. she was actually kicking me back. >> definitely working harder. i also need to fuel up better for my workout. >> getting more energy meant even more changes to my diet and for that i turned to dr. amanda. >> can you sdee subscribe for me the way that you see your energy moving through the day? >> usually pretty good in the morning, and it'sç good throughout -- through the show and it starts to slow down probably between 11:00 and noon. >> i noticed that you have hard boiled eggs, which i think are a great source of many, many
8:11 am
nutrients, but i noticed that you only eat the egg whites. >> yes. >> the egg yolk, unless you have cholesterol issues, is a very, very important part of the whole food of the egg. >> eating the entire egg was step one. step two, cutting back on coffee and adding green tea. >> there are so many benefits to green tea, and there are so many detriments to having too much coffee. >> like less caffeine, less dehydration, and promise of a better night's sleep. >> i'm really enjoying the green tea too. i didn't think i would. sfoo she's starting to really think about maybe not even on a conscious level what is the impact of what i'm about to put into my body. how is that going to make me feel? >> being aware of what's good for my body has stopped me from a few guilty mrurz like this macaroni and cheese. >> here you go. much better. >> back to the gym. another surprise from sydney. >> focus on this. it's going to be five miles. sfwoo two weeks in, and the experiment is proving more difficult than i had imaged.
8:12 am
>> we're going to take a look at my daily goals, what i'm trying to do. get more sleep. people say it takes six to eight hours. i normally get five on a good night. nine servings of vegetables. amanda has challenged me to also working in a 30 minute workout. i did manage one night of sleep that lasted almost six hours. that's huge in my world. vegetable intake was pretty much spot on, but i wasn't meeting my exercise requirements for every day in this week two of the experiment. joining me sydney wilson and dr. amanda. good to have you both back here on the couch this morning. this is one of our big challenges this week, and it's going to prove to be, i think, heading forward is it's tough for me, like many people, to find that regular time every day to exercise. is that having an impact? >> it's not really having an impact on us as long as you're doing your full workout. getting your homework in, that's all i'm asking for. what we're basically going to try to do is do your homework, whether it's 15 minutes here, two minutes there, break it up.
8:13 am
>> i think that's a really important point for people at home too trying to do this. we talked about one of the ways for me to get that exercise is even when i go to pick up my older son, if i walk there with my double stroller, brisk 20 minutes each way, and that can be great exercise for everyone. it doesn't have to be 30 minutes in the gym. that makes me feel good. i'm progressing all right you think? >> yeah. definitely. i'm seeing tone innocence your body already. the body is getting where i want it to be. your stamina is up. your endurance it up. >> one thing i needed you to do is breathe. >> you do not know how to breathe when i work out. >> you are killing me. >> i know. i'm going to work on that. it is motivating, and i will say getting on a regular workout regiment, it makes me want to do it more. sfroo definitely. >> i've been bitten by the bug, and i feel better about it. >> it's great for your mental health. >> now when it comes to food, some of the areas -- you thought i had some interesting areas to work on. i guess i have messed up and crazy notions about things like eggs. >> there are lots of different
8:14 am
weighs to get protein. >> i need to be eating the whole egg, which i started to do. selp is a big concern for you. i did get almost six hours of sleep, and i do feel like my sleep itself is deeper. >> yeah. >> and is that from cutting back on the caffeine? >> we were trying to work with reasonable expectations. you have realities to your life that's not going to enable you to have eight hours of sleep. we're optimizing the sleep that you do get, and, yeah, there's a very positive influence from the xer sees and the diet, and the whole point of the food and mood diary is for you to reflect the next day what was i eating, how was i behaving, and how do i feel rested today? >> in keeping that journal, i have noticed that i can equate certain foods with feeling better, getting better fuel for my workout, and resting more. >> right. the whole idea of food and fuel is such an important concept. >> we're going to focus more on food in week three. >> coming up in week three, we'll take a closer look at
8:15 am
food, and just a reminder, you can track the erica hill experiment or even start your own. we've had such a great response that we would love for you to be a part of it. do it in your life. you will feel a little bit better. it's a challenge, though. all the information is at the early up next, a texas woman goes missing, and it is her friends on facebook who are leading the charge now to try to track her down. they're going to joan us when we return. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by lyric cbs "health watch" sponsored by lyrica. to our muscles are nervesected that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and with less pain, i can do more of what matters to me. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions
8:16 am
or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior or any swelling or affected breathing, or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today.
8:17 am
[ woman ]n i found lyrica. the first time i smoked, i was 13.g breaths ] i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. mou to the texas ladies. high school pals in the '70s. then facebook friends who have now become amateur detectives. they're investigating the disappearance and possible murder of another old friend from high school. two of them are here to tell their story. but first, here's "48 hours mystery" correspondent maureen maher. >> reporter: back in 1977 the
8:18 am
high-kicking all-stars of mesquite high school were on top of the world. and four vivacious girls, the drill team was it. >> when you're at mesquite high school, that's the big time. >> reporter: and right at the center of it all was a firecracker named lisa stone. >> lisa had real high kicks. >> there she is. >> lisa was just very full of life. very energetic, publy person. just a lot of fun. >> reporter: 30 years later, the girls had a reunion. after the party, facebook kept the old gang together. >> well we talked on facebook every day. you know, and lisa loved to talk. so if she wasn't on facebook, she was chatting me on yahoo! or she was calling. or texting. >> reporter: until last summer. when lisa disappeared. >> i noticed i hadn't talked to her in about two weeks. i wasn't terribly concerned. i thought maybe she had lost her internet. >> reporter: a neighbor filed a missing person's report. police checked it out, but lisa's partner says that lisa
8:19 am
was away. the cops seemed to have more pressing cases, and there was no sign of a crime. so nothing happened. >> that just made us even more determined that we were not going to let this die. >> reporter: using facebook and a lot of nerve, these ladies have taken matters into their own hands. they've done searches. handouts. vigils. and even a billboard. >> we're just hoping and praying that someone will come forward. >> reporter: but most of all, they've kept the case alive. >> we won't rest until this is solved. one way or another. >> lisa stone's friends tina wiley and tammye markle are here with us this morning. good morning, ladies. do you have an operating theory as to what happened to her at this stage of the game? >> well, it's just was very strange that we had lots of activity from her on facebook, and then the next day she was gone. i mean there was just nothing there. so, you know, naturally when someone disappears like that,
8:20 am
you think that they've -- something has happened. they've been the victim of foul play of some kind. so that's what our theory is. >> where does the investigation stand now? and what type of assistance are you now getting? >> the p.d. is heavily involved in this investigation. i believe they are following every lead they have. there was a long period that went by before they became involved. about a month, at least, before we got them to reopen the case. so i feel like they lost some valuable time. but i think that we have done a lot of clues on facebook. that we have offered them. and i think they have found a lot of things themselves. >> how disappointed were you that it did take so long? because you did go to the police a lot of times with some legitimate information. maybe not as legitimate in their eyes, but for you knowing there was a problem. >> it was very frustrating. and we were scared. we were terrified that something bad had happened to her. and so i think that, you know, after we kept pushing and prodding them, and went to them
8:21 am
with our time line of information that we had gathered, you know, that's what finally made them open the case. >> at what point did you decide that we need to become investigators here and really help move this along? >> i think i did this from day one. as soon as i knew something was amiss. when i would try to call lisa her phone was disconnected. and i thought it was because of financial reasons. so, things started adding up. and then when i heard that the neighbor had turned in a missing person's report, and the police closed it after five days, immediately i just took action. >> you've been following, trailing i guess you want to say, the woman that lisa had been living with, and at one point you saw her disposing of some of lisa's belongings in a dumpster. >> right. >> while driving lisa's car. >> yes, right. >> while also she was lying to her about her whereabouts. >> yes, correct. >> did that then make a light bulb go off? >> that was huge. huge day. very devastating day. tammye and i were on the phone with joanie that day, and the
8:22 am
girlfriend had told the story that she was going to pick up lisa, and joanie followed her and followed her to the dumpster, while the three of us were on the phone, joanie was -- we all started crying. we knew when we saw those items, lisa's birth certificate. the late brother's death certificate. everything that meant anything to lisa was gone in the dumpster. >> do you ever worry about your own personal safety? >> oh, yes. most definitely we do. thankfully i live in a gated community. that gives me a little bit of piece of mind. but yes, we're dealing with some obviously people with no conscience. >> yeah. >> now that the police are a little more heavily involved, what's your role now? what are you continuing to do? >> well, we're continuing what we've done up to this point. we still got a facebook page. we started a nonprofit organization. for the love of lisa dot org and we've done billboards. we've got a park bench that was dedicated in lisa's honor in the mesquite area where we went to high school.
8:23 am
and so we're constantly talking to people. we're doing searches. >> ladies thank you for coming in and talking to, honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, call to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. it's our fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh.
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[ female announcer ] get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network for no extra charge. so for a limited time, get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪
8:25 am
it is 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. the san jose firefighters union has reached a tentative deal with the city. it calls for a 10% reduction in pay and benefits to help ease the city's budget deficit. in exchange, the city will not lay off any firefighters for two years. firefighters though still need to vote on the deal. the board that oversees cal train has declared a fiscal emergency and that will make it easier for the agency to raise fares and reduce services as it faces a $30 million deficit. it may have to reduce services at search stations. and the unplacement rate falling to a two-year low, 8.9%, down slightly from the month before. and the labor department says
8:26 am
employers added 192,000 jobs. we will take a look at traffic and weather coming up. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning, from the traffic center. we're going to start out with some video that chopper 5 took moments ago of this trouble spot on 101, a big rig off to the right shoulder carrying an oversized load with major delays there. we have reports it could possibly be a satellite that they're carrying. lots of vehicles on hand there trying to figure out how to get the big rig off the roadway or
8:28 am
moving along there. possibly take the k rail or going under the overpass, there will be some delays. the traffic is dlaked backed up all the way to blossom trail. use guadalupe parkway as an alternate. let's jump over to another area. we took this picture of chopper 5 on the san mateo bridge, overturned brinks trip and traffic is backed up. past the toll plaza. use the dumbarton bridge as an alternate. great weather around the bay area today. a whole lot of sunshine. a few high clouds moving in overhead. nice start to the day. a little cool in spots. we've got some temperatures beginning to warm up. by the afternoon, it should be fantastic. almost spring-like outside. and we will see a whole lot more of this. temperatures running up in the 60s today. and most parts of the bay area, a little cooler toward the coastline in the 50s but as high as 67 in san jose and 66 in oakland and about 64 in san rafael. and the next couple of days, a change in the works for the
8:29 am
weekend, clouds gather late in the day, and a chance of showers to the north on saturday afternoon. ,,,,,,,,
8:30 am
♪ it is friday. hopefully you're in love. ? i'm in love with my cohorts here on "the early show". >> you're a liar. i'm kidding. welcome back to "the early show" here on a friday morning. we hope your weekend is off it a
8:31 am
great start. coming up, inside the iditerod. this is a great race. >> i am fascinated by this. snoo great race, as a matter of fact. it is an 1 1shgs00 mile odyssey by dogsled across alaska, and this year's race begins tomorrow. >> oh, look at those puppies. >> yeah, those are great. they get some of the best views that you will ever see out there. our super fan tyler miguel went north for a visit with four-time champion lance mack. this guy is four years straight. >> also a fascinating guy. lance mackey is a cancer survivor, former drug addict, and unbelievable musher. >> a lot of great stories. great stuff. >> one of our photographers who shot that, it was negative 12 he said for days. it took days for his fingers to thaw out. >> we have tyler coming up. he is going to detail that story for us. >> also, one of the great
8:32 am
8:33 am
>> thanks. that's your latest weather. now back to chris. >> marysol, thank you very much. tomorrow is the start of the 39th annual iditerod sled dog race beginning in anchorage, alaska. it's 1,100 miles away. we spent sent contributor and super fan, as we like to call him, tyler mcgill, one of the all-time greats. >> good to see you again. >> tomorrow 62 mushers will
8:34 am
begin a journey that covers some of the most rugged terrain on the globe. everyone will be trying to unseat one man, defending champion and winner of four consecutive iditerods, lance mackey. i spent a few days with the champ to see what it takes to win america's last great race. >> probably one of the most physically and mentally demanding races on the planet. ultimate test of wills pitting man and their dogs against nature's fury. the iditerod. a nearly two-week, 1,100 mile odyssey across the barren landscape between anchorage and nome, alaska, where the average temperature hovers around 50 below. as an avid outdoorsman, i've always been drawn to it, so we traveled north fairbanks to learn the sport of kings from its master. >> this man is a legend. >> four-time iditerod champion
8:35 am
lance mackey. >> thank you for taking the time out and showing us around this spot. >> yeah, yeah. that's my little domain. there's five people and about 115 dogs. >> 115 pups? >> dogs, pups, retired dogs. they're all dogs. >> mackey comes from a long line of champion mushers and is considered by many to be the lance armstrong of sled dog racing. >> lance mackey, everybody. >> i don't think i'm bettered than anybody else in this sport, but for some reason i've had more success in a short a. time than anybody else. whether it's natural abilities or something i picked up along the way, i really can't answer that question. >> like arm stronk, mackey's greatest victory took place off the trail. in 2001 at the age much 30 he was diagnosed with throat cancer and doctors told him to quit the sport altogether. >> that just didn't sit right with me. you don't know me. you don't tell me what i can and can't do, and it just pissed me off, and that was my motivation. >> you didn't have time for cancer? >> i didn't have time for it.
8:36 am
>> with treatment and the lot of of his family, he defeated cancer and has been unstoppable ever since. the key to success in this sport is the relationship between a musher and his team. >> every dog loves to run, and it's up for me to try to figure out how to channel that energy and get it to perform for thousands of miles. >> that means spending up to 18 hours a day, seven days a week caring for them, which includes cooking -- >> smells a little ripe, but these dogs all know it's coming. >> feeding. >> good eating right there. >> beef chicken kibble. some vitamins, menrinerals. all the stuff for a balanced diet. >> and cleaning up. >> it's all part of teamwork. >> with a kennel full of well fed and excited dogs, i took six pups for my inaugural run. >> good girl. want to go for a walk? >> this is my team right here. they look ready to run. i hope i don't fail as a must
8:37 am
beer. >> we're going out for the real deal now. do you have any pointers? >> you get ripped off the sled. you don't let go. >> i got it. >> i took those last words of wisdom from the champ and finally commanded the reigns of my very own sled. >> good work, boys. good work, girls. >> it was a rough start. but after a couple of runs, cow girl, larry, sharqi, princess, and pam -- >> wow, this is about as amazing as it gets. >> made me feel like a true eyelid rod contender. >> back country in alaska running with my team of dogs. holy cow. ♪ >> oh, my god.
8:38 am
that was one of the best thing i've ever done. see you again zoosh in the process i learned that racing dogs is not winning prizes. it's about the unbreakable bond between man and his true best friend. >> i'm never going to be rich in this sport, but i'm rich in what i do. i was brought on earth to raise dogs. i honestly believe that. that's what i was made to do. i just wanted to extend a big, big thank you to the alaska board of tourism for coordinating and accommodating us during our trip to fairbanks. i had an incredible experience, and i absolutely understand why sled dog racing is a state sport. >> you talk about being teamed up with the best of the best. i mean, as far as a world class athlete goes, i mean, to be able to do this and come back and endure -- >> in 2001 he gets diagnosed with cancer. he actually had to drop out of the race, and it took him six years before he finally won, and then he comes back with it four years in a row, and he is the only guy who has actually won
8:39 am
the yukon challenge and then the iditerod consecutively, and they're only two weeks apart. >> do you ask if he lives his life in perpetual layers? >> it's not even a question. the warmest it got was negative 12. the coldest is negative 41. it's so cold you have to plug your car in at night, otherwise your oil freezes. >> it must have been like living in new hampshire. probably like st. marks compared to what you are dealing with in alaska. >> my home feels super balmy. we're already open. >> what was it like for you -- those dogs are pretty powerful. it looked like lost a little bit? >> they're not super big. they look like little labs, but when they took off, that sled really pulls out in front of you, and you have to do a lot more actually driving the sled than you think. >> that was my next question. how much steering capability did you have? >> i didn't have a whole lot of steering capability, chris, but lance runs them pretty well. they've got little runners. you are pretty much riding
8:40 am
that -- i mean, it feels almost like a skateboard, more or less. >> have your fecks come back. >> the feet were a real problem, but luckily, i had a beard to protect. >> super fan, nice job. >> thanks. >> as always. here's erica. ever since her break-out role in the 2005 smash hit "wedding crashers" isla fisher has been one of the most sought after actresses. she now stars in "rango" who is in the rough and tumble town of dirt. she's a tough little lizard named bee. >> what's your name? >> bee. what can i say, my daddy said i looked like a bean. >> what are you saying? >> i enjoy a hardy good -- i'm not sure that a child would appreciate it. >> my daddy was a great man. >> spicy. >> ew. you're eating ashes. >> you carry his remains? >> his ashes. he loved to smoke. they never found the body.
8:41 am
>> i'm sure he had his reasons. >> isla fischer is with us in the studio this morning. >> good morning. >> i love the voice that you have for your character, bean. >> thank you. >> it's a little -- it's a mix of a number of different things, and you were given a tiny bit of direction on it, right? >> i kind of like think if clint eastwood and holly hunter were to have a love child, that it would be vocally bean. >> i think you kind of have it. this is a little bit of jiberrish it seems thrown in. >> there is. >> that's an added spice from me. >> that's a little sees. no, we had a great time creating the voices, but the director of the film, he was very specific about what sounds he wanted us all to have. >> i like it. it definitely makes you sit up, and you definitely take notice as you watch. one thing that's interesting is whenever you seem to talk to somebody about an animated film, we see the actor in a studio, headphones on, a microphone, and you have all these things imagined in your head. all the actors were in a room
8:42 am
together for this film acting out the movie. >> exactly. like bad -- we were on a stage for, i think, 21 days, and it was a big taeble with a plop on it. it's so much more organic and your voice has so much more chemistry and humanity because you're actually opposite a human being instead of isolated in a sound booth. >> was it hard to go back to that afterwards after you had this great experience? >> i think it will probably be hard to go back, yeah. it will be hard to go back. i'm actually doing an animated movie at the moment, and i'm back in, it and i'm abbing clam ated. it's not as much fun as bill pretending to be a snake and abigail pretending to be a critter, and johnny depp walking like a lizard, which is hilarious. it was a surreal experience. >> the story itself is pretty fun, too, and somewhat surreal, i would think. what drew you to it? >> i love the story.
8:43 am
i mean, a frustrated thespian lizard that looks dark and funky in a town. i was actually attracted to the material more for the experience of working with johnny depp and to do theater again. >> what is it about animated films that draws you in? is it the flexibility of the schedule, or is it something more? >> i think it's the surprise of seeing the movie for the first time. when you shoot a regular movie, obviously, you know how it's going to look. you're on set every day. an animated film, you sit in a darkened theater, and you have the same experience as a regular movie goer, and you're not watching a face on a 12 foot screen thinking, wow, is that really my nostril? instead you're thinking, wow, here's this cool lizard, and this is an amazing world that they created by these incredibly imagine native guys. >> it's really magic for the animation. >> yes, yes. >> i mean, what a talented group of people. they look so real. >> the skin is amazing on them.
8:44 am
>> yeah. >> did you get to have any input? you guys are all sitting there, and you're doing this much more like a theatrical production than a traditional animated movie. was there ever a point that i would say i imagine my character looks a little bit like this? >> no, but i did -- they did -- one of the animators did joke that i deserved an animated credit because of how i came in and complained. i didn't remember this. i complained that my lizard didn't have any breasts. i felt she should have breasts. i didn't remember. i was probably just making a flippant joke, but now bean -- >> there you go. >> i was involved. >> you made your mark then. >> i have. it's not very classy, but i did it. >> well, i'm sure there are plenty that that would disagree. probably all the men in the audience say thank you. >> the movie, again, is "rango" and you can catch it in movie theertsz starting today. now here's chris. >> thank you. as they say, we are going all in this morning with rick, executive chef of one of the las
8:45 am
vegas's hottest restaurants. rick will be part of the fifth annual vague yags uncorked coming up in may. this morning he is giving us a preview. great to see you here. >> chris, it's a pleasure. >> let's talk about this. what's going to be your role this year? >> i'm going to be doing better by the bay, which is the beach, mandalay bay, and i'm going to be serving moon doggies. >> i'm here to reveal to you. >> well, sustainable seafood is your thing, right? >> it certainly is. it's all about not actively participating in the extinction of the species. i have shrimp in here. fresh gulf shrimp. >> this is the moon and dog. this is something you came up with. >> i created this. we're making it now at my restaurant at mandalay bay. >> what are you putting in here. >> ginger, garlic, shallots, shrimp. a little lime zest. sugar. fish sauce. this is very salty. that's your salt. a little egg white.
8:46 am
this binds it together. we just kind of get this little thing rolling. it was about half pound of shrimp right there. >> is there a right time to end the grinding? >> when it looks a little rough. we don't want it to puree. we're going to mix in the skal yons and cilantro. this is a lot of complexity to this mixture. then i stuff it into a casing and make a hot dog out of, it or -- this is the puree. i'm going to put a little oil on my hands because that's going to have a dual purpose. one to lubricate your hand and you can make like a patty out of it as well. you put that right on the grill. cook that. you can put it on a bun. >> where did you come up with the name? >> i wanted to call it moon doggy, but my last name is moon, and we played around with it, and we're going to roll it out. here we go. top -- >> hot dog bun. >> put the moon doggy in there, and then some chipolte sauce.
8:47 am
we call this the dude. >> the dude? >> yeah. put a little dude in there. some slaw. >> you put chip on there too? >> give it a little crunch. that's a big bite, but, you know what, that's the way it is. i'm going to show you how to also while you're eating that, we're going to make a little honey chipolte sauce. not bad, right? it's worth the trip, for sure. here we go. we're going to be serving that on the beach, and we'll be having fun. you know, put your feet in the sand. the thing of it is all the chefs, all the -- >> a little spicy. >> oh. >> spicy hot. >> hot. >> sorry about that. >> aggressive bite. >> i like that about you. it's a little chipolte to balance it out. >> i'm sorry. i wasn't paying attention.
8:48 am
what are you making here? >> honey chipolte sauce. this is an alternative to the -- that's the chipolte dude. this is a little sweeter. in case that's too hot for you. smoked paprika. i have honey in there. a little dijon mustard. >> there are a bunch of different variations you can use. >> correct. >> you get ahold of me book, and these are all recipes out of "fish without a doubt." this is a little vinegar. cider vinegar. lime juice. we have sweetness. all right. some oil. >> this is a straight mix. bang. >> put the top on it. zip it up. you got yourself a squeeze bottle. >> honey sticks. >> let's talk about your kabobs here. >> principaling is almost here. you're going to throw some stuff on the grill. here we have a combination of sword fish, scallop, and shrimp, and three separate marinade.
8:49 am
>> all right. chipolte. garlic and anchovy, chili flakes and olive oil. marinate. you can put this in the zip lock bag, and lubricate with a little bit of oil and get them on a couple of mvrjs minutes each side. it's a preference. make whatever you like. >> absolutely. >> you recommend something to wash it down, correct? >> yeah. it's never too early for a good beer, you know? >> it is 8:49. in some spots, right? >> cheers. >> oh, right. that's good. >> i serve these moon doggies. >> really, really good. >> crank them out. >> good luck with everything. thanks. check out the restaurant. >> rick moon, and thank you so much. you can find these recipes on our website, early
8:50 am we will be right back. this is "the early show" here on cbs. i got to tell i really did burn the inside of my mouth. ,,,,,,,,,
8:51 am
8:52 am
there it is. ,,,,,,,,, the moonen doggie, with rick moonen right here. he's in from vegas. i thought we would could a group moonen doggie bite-in. >> yeah. >> hot dog at 9:00 a.m. >> thank you so much. >> there you go. >> makes me feel like i'm eating a healthy hot dog. >> okay. >> moonen doggie for everybody out there? >> hmm. >> mm-mmm. >> yummy noises. >> yes. >> rick, good stuff. >> enjoy it. >> enjoy your weekend, everyone. we will see you monday morning. your local news is next. >> have a great day.
8:53 am
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mallicoat, with your c-b-s fiv headlines... good morning, everybody. it is 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat with your cbs 5 headlines. the latest big project on the bay bridge, it is finished ahead of schedule. this week, workers have raised four segments of the suspension tower in place, the final one was installed overnight, 480 feet above the bay. a sit-in high above the uc berkeley campus ended late last night after a promise from the administration. eight students have chained themselves together for search hours on the fourth floor ledge of a building to protest cuts in education funding. they came down after school. officials promised to hold a town hall meeting with them and discuss it. nasa says an earth observation satellite is now in the pacific ocean after a failed launch attempt this morning. a protective shell did not separate from the satellite,
8:56 am
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8:58 am
the situation in san jose we've been monitoring. video that we took a little while ago from chopper 5. this big rig carrying a large load, possibly a satellite is sitting on the right shoulder and can't make it through the rest of the freeway, so they will turn the big rig around on 101. use the car pool lanes. headed south. so it can exit capital expressway. and may shut down 101 while this happens. let's head on out right now, and 101 is backed up all the way to blossom hill. so use 87, guadalupe parkway as your best bet as an alternate. here is lawrence with the forecast. >> skies now mostly sunny around the bay area. and looking good. on this friday. no rain in sight. we will keep you high and dry. down toward the san jose area. the cameras are blowing around a little bit in the wind. but otherwise looking good. as we will see very spring-like temperatures toward the afternoon. 67 degrees in san jose. and about 66 in livermore. and sunny there. and 62346 oakland. and 63 degrees in san francisco. over the weekend, some changes. the clouds pour back in on saturday. chance of showers north of the
8:59 am
golden gate bridge by late in the afternoon. 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. s through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.


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